Introduction to Cloghermore

Welcome to Cloghermore

Originally built in the early 1900's, the traditional three roomed cottage was constructed from stone with a slate roof and a concrete render. No mains water just a tap fed by the rain water tank, a flushing toilet fed by the same tank, a septic tank in the back garden and a 'range' used for heating and cooking. No shower or bath or any other mod cons that most are so use to these days.

Diz and Stella bought Cloghermore in November 2007, when they fell in love with the layout of the property and outbuildings and idyllic rural setting. Although the property hadn't been lived in for a number of years and had become very unloved, both could see the potential to turn the property into a home and use the surroundings to give as much of a self sufficient life as possible. So began 'the good life'.

Diz moved over in the December of 2007 and spent the winter in a 2 berth caravan. The caravan was positioned in the Barn, which had three sides missing and was therefore battered by the wind, rain, snow and ice experienced during that winter. For those who know Diz, he was in his element and loving every minute.

Stella finally couldn't stand missing out on the fun and handed in her notice and joined Diz in April 2008, with their two dogs. Taz, a Lurcher and Sammy, a Greyhound and all moved into ..... yes the 2 berth caravan! And so the madness began.

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