Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Goose Watch 2014

Monday 24th March
Mrs G has settled onto her eggs and has been sat tight for the past week. We have no idea how many eggs she is sat on, but there is at least 9 from the last count. Bruiser is already bored sat on his own, shut in the other part of the field. He would only torment everything if he was aloud to roam. If we are not quick enough with his food he will fly over the fence (with ease) to find out what the delay is. Then it is a hassle to get him back and dangerous, especially if Jes decides to torment him.
We have another 3 ish weeks to wait to see what hatches.

Wednesday 12th March
Diz checked out the nest this morning, while Bruiser wasn't watching, and found 9 eggs. It wasn't long before he was spotted and Bruiser thudded over to stop any interference, but he soon thought better of it when Diz challenged him back. Mrs G is spending more and more time on the nest during the day and night, so it won't be long before she sits. Would like her to have a few more before she settles down.

Wednesday 5th March
Here we go again! It's that time of year again where we work with the geese to ensure they have a successful year's breeding. Things had been fairly calm in the geese camp, but once Mrs G got it into her head 'it's time' then everyone has to watch out. Bruiser has stepped up his wickedness and is living up to his name. He prefers to pick on me the most as Diz will show him who's boss, but He has got a sneaky few attacks at Diz. Every time I feed them he chances his arm and even though I defend him off he does his best. One day while I was pushing him away with one bucket to then throw his bucket of food on the floor, he reached over and managed to grab my sleeve cuff! As his wings opened for the attack I knew I had to do something so I started to swing him round in a circle. If you can picture playing 'aeroplane' with a child, this is what I was doing but with a hefty gander instead of the child. He was lifted off his feet with his wings spread, but refused to let go! As I threw his food onto the floor he let go to get to the food. I was relieved to live another day without getting bruised. I hate that bird! After that they were banished to their side of the field, less painful.

At the beginning of February we moved the goose nest box, cleaned it out and put in fresh bedding. Mrs G had seen us go into the field and when I called her she noisily came to investigate.

Both had to give it an inspection, Mrs G stays for a while giving it the once over while Bruiser gets to look over her shoulder and then once they approve ...

Bruiser will begin to preen while Mrs G has a good look. They will then walk away and leave it and seriously get on with the business of making gosling's. We will now need to keep an eye on the nest and make sure there is enough nesting material and that the chickens don't kick the straw out looking for bugs.
For the first week, Mrs G shows no signs in the nest what so ever, but then one morning when they are let out of their house she makes a mad dash for the nest.

And the first egg is laid.
It is getting more and more challenging to shut Bruiser away at night as his aggression increases. When he attacked Diz, while he is trying to get the door closed it was decided that they are better off left to their own devices. Mrs G also laid an egg in the house that night instead of the nest so they know what's best. Good luck to any fox that fancies it's chances.

As of Wednesday 5th March there are 6 eggs.

We'll keep you posted.
Stell n Diz

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