Monday, 24 March 2014

Rabbit arrivals

We have had eleven new rabbit arrivals.

The first is a new Old English Spot doe, who is blue in colour not the traditional black. So her name is Blue, yeah I know not that original. She is a lovely rabbit, very inquisitive and soooo friendly. She is still a bit young to mate with our buck, give her another month or so.

Jes and her have hit it off and Jes loves to run along the side of her hutch and press her nose through the wire and Blue will sniff her and run up and down with her. If the hutch is open Blue will have a nosy outside and loves a bit of fuss and Jes and her like to investigate each other. Jes got a bit freaked when Blue grunted down her ear while having a good sniff. Poor Jes, she doesn't realise her killer instincts or is it poor Blue?

One of our other doe's, Lavender, gave birth last Thursday to ten, yes ten little kit's. We have been treating her ears for the past couple of weeks and we really didn't think she was pregnant because we were catching her up every other day. Once she had gone past her due date I didn't expect anything, but I went to work early one morning and got a text from Diz to say she had given birth. For the first couple of days the weather was too wet and cold to have a good look at them, but as soon as we could we were surprised to find ten little babies. Wow. As you can see from the photo there is eight black and two black and white.
They will slowly grow their fur over the next ten days and grow rapidly and by two weeks they will open their eyes and start to venture about. Mum seems quite content, but they will all need moving to a larger hutch.
These babies will be destined for meat so we will grow them on until the are four or five months old.
We have another doe, Sooty who is due at the end of March. Mum and Dad are both Old English Spot rabbits so we are hoping for some nice marked rabbits.
Keep you posted.

Stell and Diz


  1. Is that Paul's hand in that photo weighing them up for the pot ;)x

  2. Yeah! How well you know him. :)x