Friday, 15 November 2013

Welcome Visitors... at last

We were fortunate to have some good friends come to visit after several years of trying to get here, along with their daughter who became our little helper for the week. Jude and Matt flew in from Belgium, where they are currently living, with Alicia, who was 'bursting' to meet all the animals. It was dark when they arrived so the following morning she was eager to get started.

After she was shown the morning and evening routine, she was off and running with us in tow. Although she wasn't too sure about the Turkeys as they were nearly as tall as her and very inquisitive and the geese got a wide birth.

And egg collecting at the end of the night is always a magical time. She could only just reach into the boxes to carefully collect each precious egg and carefully put it into the bucket.

We took a trip to Carrick on Shannon to have a wonder round the town and the river, with Alicia keen to walk one of the dogs at every opportunity. Initially she wasn't too sure about the dogs but it was long before they were all good friends, running around and playing together. It was funny to watch Jes run past the window followed by Alicia and then Alicia run past with Jes and Kip closely behind. By the end of the week, Kip was being picked up and plonked on the sofa next to her to watch TV.

The following day a farmer neighbour and his son allowed us into the milking parlour to have a go. Jude and Alicia nearly got covered in cow poo, which would have made a very funny photo, but they dodged it.

And we got to meet the smallest (a new three week old calf)

And the largest of his livestock. This is Ed, one of his newest breeding bulls

Later that day a trip to Boyle to have a look at some standing stones in the middle of field and then playing 'poo' sticks in the river, which Diz championed and is looking forward to defending his title next year.

We took a trip to the seaside on the most rotten day of the week. While we sat squeezed into the car being battered by the wind and rain, which lashed against the car sideways I had flash backs of some 'summer holidays' enjoyed as a kid. Just as we were about to give up and head home, we ate our butties in the car and then the rain stopped and we could actually see out the window. This was our cue to have an explore along the sand dunes and beach. The dogs had an amazing time running through the dunes, followed as closely as possible by Alicia. Matt and I skimmed stones into the sea, while we waited for Diz to take photo's and Jude sat enjoying the sound of the waves.
Just as we got back into the car, the heavens opened and the weather closed in.

Sadly our visitors had to leave all too soon, but we are hoping they will be back again very soon. Kip and Jess missed our little helper just as much as we did.
Thank you Alicia for all your help and we look forward to seeing you again soon. PS Don't forget to bring your Mum and Dad thumbleft

All the best
Stell and Diz

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